Long Term Prayer List

May you be wrapped in God’s love, 

Found deep in His everlasting wings,

Carried and kept, safe and cherished.

May the healing power of Christ

Breathe across your being now.


 John Armstrong, Harold Willie, Jean Hendricks, Rosewitha Goodman, Betty Garth, Peggy Sutterfield,  Evelyn Wofford, Wally Russell, Nadine Long,  Elvin Frick, Betty Uerling, Dana Seaton, Dick Schwartz, Gregorio Torres, Jan Udouj, Lawrence Charves, Janet Hodgens, Mary Jean Loy, Alice Traynor, Marilyn Newman, Caylee Cross, Anne Udouj, Tom Loy, Lynda Ledet, Frances Schneider, Nelta Sugg, Bob Wells, Bonnie Thatcher, Melinda & Steve, Gary Orendorff Family, Eric Morrison, Helen Martin, Pat Fuhrmann, Antoinette Beland, Tom Phillips, Jim Foldvary, Sofia Hurtado, Jane Myrick, Amy Graham, Christopher James Capilo Leonhardi,Cecilia Stringer, Janice Kaelin, David Korkames, Mary Josephine Thomas, Haden Neumeier, Mary Allen, Tom Wagner, Maria Alexandra Ramirez, David Bond, Guy Ann Bartley, Joan Reif, Esperanza Solorio, Bob Rhodes, Lynelle Schneider, Kathy Furstenberg, Cheri Bell, Carl Dougherty, Mike Udouj, JJ Seiter, Mike Udouj, Joe Zelasko, Ann Marie Richards, Ann Richards, Mary Memmolo, John Gaffney

If you or anyone you know would like to be included in our Long Term Prayer List, please call the Church Office at 479-783-7963.