Fr. John's Homilies


"This is to me the essence of every effective homily or sermon: that it serves to enhance that silent but sacred conversation between Christ and a Christian. As each Sunday approaches, every preacher asks himself or herself the question (sometimes in desperation): "What am I going to tell people this Sunday?!" Instead, I suggest we preachers should ask ourselves, "What does Jesus want to tell the people this coming Sunday?" Our job in preaching is to facilitate that conversation in the heart between the believer and the Lord. Jesus reminded His disciples, "He who hears you, hears me" (Luke 10:16). Blessed John Henry Newman, a master preacher in his own right, described it more intimately saying, "cor ad cor loquitur" (heart speaks to heart). When a sermon hits home, it's because the message touched a person's heart, but what's more, the hearer could perceive behind the preacher's words the voice of Jesus Himself."

-Excerpt taken from Fr. John's book "Oh, for the Love of God"  

We hope you enjoy this collection of homilies preached by Fr. John. If you would like to obtain them in a written format, please go to "Fr. John's Blog"  

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Latest Homilies

Maximizing Mary    
Poisoning the Well Mary's Tears Hope and a Roof
Easy on the Eyes Counting Pills Days of Infamy
You Duped Me World of Work Good Direction
Late Laborers The Moon Lunaticus Two Olive Martini
What If I Warned You Check this Out
Treasure in the Field Lighten the Road Coherent or Incoherent
Lovers and Fighters Just Right Bed You'll Never Believe
Cups of Cold Water In Washington's Boat Donkeys and Dogs
Which Power Prevails When I was Seven Middle of Summer
Rocking Chair Priests Flesh and Blood Raised Eyebrows
In charge of Stuff More than These Peace and Concord


A Critique of Criticism

Galvanizing Others

Permanent Pope-mobile

A Hand In History

Games People Play

Plain Ole White Boys

A Mile Wide

Get What You Want


A Personal Vocation

Givers and Takers

Portia's Picture

A Revolution of Mercy

Glorious Food

Poverty of Sweets

A Thin Line

God Recycles the Devil Burns


A Wife's Wink

Good Debt

Rebel Without A Cause

Alpha and Omega

Good Greed

Rembrandt's Toothache

Anonymous Benefactors

Good News

Right Field

Are You Not Entertained

Grading God

Room For Religion

Art Of The Deal

Guess That's My Church

Sacred Secrets


Guy On Plus Sign

Saddlebag Preacher

Baby Baptisms

Hardly A Snack

Saintly Siblings

Beast Barracks

Hear Ye Hear Ye

Saints Next Door

Beauty Queens

Henry's Hope

Saints Versus Scholars

Bless Not Bind

Hidden Figures

Secret Names

Boat Of Blondes

Hierarchy and Lowerarchy

Seven Blessings

Book Victim

High Horse

Seven Points of Light

Born To Be Wild

Higher Happiness

Short Cut To Wine

Bread and Circuses

Highway To Hell

Showing Up

Built for Sacrifice

Hitting the Sauce

Shut Up And Kiss Me

Bullet-Proof Baby

Holy Hijabs

Sickle or Sword

Carmelite Shoes

Holy Hotheads

Small Things

Casablanca Queen

Homer Simpson

Smarter Than Science

Catholic Accounting Practices

Hopeless As Hell

Sober Sobriquet

Catholic Catholicism

Hostilities Exist

Soporific Sacraments

Catholic Foodies

I Am A Drunkard

Sorrow and Strength

Changing Diapers

Imagine I.C.

Special Sauce

Chasing Ghosts


Spiritual Fashionistas

Child Prodigies

In God We Trust

Spoiling Your Parents

Children Of Lesser Gods

Intentional Discipleship

Stinking Happy

Christian Convicts


Stop And Struggle

Clean Jersey

Job of Marriage

Streets with no Name

Closer to Christ

Just Not That Into You

Stupid Smart

Cloud Rider

Key To The City

Successful Failures


Laptop Love

Successful Sons

Comfort Food

Last Newspaper Clipping

Techno God

Complaints and Complicit

Last Stand

Test Of Faith

Compliment Criticism Seesaw

Life Before Death

Testing Shark Suits

Contemporary Classic

Like Father Like Son

The Art of Listening

Corruptio Optimi

Listen Now

The Band Back Together

Cringing Christians

Listen Up

The Bards Brain

Cross Fit

Look Deer

The Bus Driver

Crying Out Loud

Love Loss

The Clone Wars

Curb Your Hanger

Love of Land

The End Comes First


Lovers Quarrel

The Faith Of Foreigners

Devil in Desire

Lunch For Lions

The Fault in our Figs

Di Cuore


The Fifth Gospel

Diaper Dandies

Madly In Love

The Final Fig Tree

Dogs Exchanging Bones

Man of Constant Sorrow

The First Cut

Dumb Question

Marathon Minions

The Fowls Foul

Eavesdrop On God

Marrying A Robot

The Gray Period

Echoes In Eternity

Meet the Family

The Greater Good

Enemy Of The Best

Memoir Mentors

The Hell There Is

Entertaining Angels

Mere Mortals

The Imitation Game

Everyone Has A Story

Merry As A Schoolboy

The Jesuits

Everyone Is Normal

Messing with Mothers

The Magnificent Seven

Extra Chairs

Mike Koldys

The Narrow House

Faces of Faith

Ministry Of Death

The Nose Knows

Failure To Launch

Mission Possible

The River of Denial

Fairy Take Frogs

Modern-day Minimalists

The Three Stages

Fake News

Money Sex Power

The Ugly Duckling

Fall of Giants

Monsignor Mercy

The Vexed Veil

Famished for the Feast

Mother Church

The Virgin's Children

Far Far Better

Moved To Tears

The Writer's Wife


My Father John Fix

They Want Us

Father Dreamy

My Favorite Things

Three Storms

Fear And Fascination

My Precious


Feed the Seed

Myrrh Christmas

Too Big For Britches

Feeling Catholic

Mystery Christians

Transfiguration Take-Home

Feet First

Net Worth

Trash and Taxes

Feet to the Fire 2

New Heavens And New Earth

Turning Heads

Feminine Fascination

New Sheriff In Town

Twice Blest

Fighting for Family

Not Knowing

Two Faces Of Heaven

Final Flatulence

Not Yet Honey

Two Tables

Fine Feathered Friends

Obedience School

Undercover Boss

First Call

Old Glory

Unholy Trinity

First Impressions

One Size

Unstoppable Serial Killer

First World Problems

Out Damned Spot

Volatility Index

Fog and Faith

Pace of Progress

Wasted Youth

Foiled Again

Pain Relief

Watch Yourself

Footsteps Of Heroes

Parables and Priests

Water and Tears

For A Day

Parallel Points

Welcoming Distractions

Forget Me Not

Partnership Of The Paraclete

Whistler Mother

Fort Smith Military Academy

Patience Now

Who Made Who

Fount of Power

Payday for Priests

Who and Whose 2

Free Food

Pen Pushers

Why Good Friday

Friend Of The Poor

Penny Prophets

Will's Hug

From Paranoia To Pride

People's Opinions

You Stupid Darkness

Full Face

Perfect Teeth

Your Lips Are Movin